Outing with Abang Sani

Abang Sani, a fellow Malaysian I knew here, requested for his family picture to be taken at the botanical garden before they returned back to Malaysia a few months ago.

The weather was excellent, perfect for outdoor photography and I definitely couldn’t bring myself to say no.

Below are the pictures from that day, taken by yours sincerely. Enjoy!



IMG_5332-2 IMG_5334-2


IMG_5347 IMG_5361-2

IMG_5356 IMG_5377-2



After a long time of hiatus in writing

Its been a while since the last time i write, so today i decide to start slowly. I will begin by posting my best picture daily, with some inspiring word in it. enjoy it. To begin with, this is the phot i taken this evening.. 



It was the tree in front of my room. The autumn will be leaving, and the winter will be coming. 

Is that fun? Yeah, really fun and cold… its mean more activities in indoor than outdoor because outdoor activities might make you sick. I will keep posting after this… 🙂

Picture during hectic time.

It already May. and it mean busiest time. this is the time, all the assigment have to be submitted. doesnt have much time to take picture. just some random picture i managed to take. enjoy.. 🙂



This is a  picture  from last week. I bought my boss canon 135mm L. He told me to pass it to his friend. I cannot resist the urge to try the legendary sharpness of this lens, so i try to take picture using this cameraq.

Canon 35mm on top of canon 85mm.


This is Intan shafinaz. My friend at birmingham. I met her few  week ago, during my shooting job at birmingham. I t had been almost a year since the last time we meet with each other. As usual we cannot stop talking. So many things to share and to be talked about. right now she is taking her examination. All the  best  intan. the best part of meeting her is that she treat me for a food at noodle shop. the noodle is delicous and very gratefull for it.. thank you intan.. 🙂


Last but not least, this is during last week. i have joined a bbq organized by posgraduate student in sheffield. have a full stomach and happy life.. 🙂

Morning motivation

Morning motivation.. as i am wondering at my computer doing work, i saw a pair of birds making their nest in front of my window, but it quite far, have to use my 85mm telephoto lens. such  a lovely hardworking shown by this pair. it reminds me there is no shortcut to do something. why? because in this birds case, they build up their nest from zero to something, little by little using small sticks. same with my life. to make something big, i have to do something small little by little and slowly it will become big. enjoy the picture and the motivation.. 🙂





Petronas Career Talk

On the 2nd of april, few representative from Petronas had come to sheffield university to give some talk to the engineering student about future career prospect in Petronas company.

The talk started from 2 pm and ended on 5 pm.

Enjoy the picture. As usual i ended taking hundreds of picture, but on this blog i would like to post maximum of 11 picture on each post, so that i willl select the best one.

For me, this among the best one among the hundreds of shots. still this best shots have many flaws and still need correction and improvement. cheers. 🙂














A picture of myself during snowy day

This year was a bless. it was snowing 5 times this year compared to last year, only 1 time.

I took this oppurtinity to create some interesting snow picture. Instead just taking some plain picture, i decided to take picture with my country traditional clothes. One is baju melayu, clothes that i wear during festival celebration, another is kain pelikat, which is a common clothes for old man back in Malaysia. So enjoy 11 of my best picture. cheers.

IMG_0600 IMG_0603IMG_0580 IMG_0615 IMG_0618 IMG_0668 IMG_0680 IMG_0684 IMG_0691

Holiday with kitchen (Polkadot cupcakes)


It has been a month since my holiday start. Before the holiday, many kind of things struck through my head about what to do during this holiday. na.. At last i just do a few things. As i am getting serious in photography and cooking. Today i started to write a blog, hoping can share some of my picture and my cooking. Hopefully it helps me and motivate me to do something useful during my university year.

   This is a picture of cupcake i made 2 days ago. It is not the usual cupcake. It is a Malaysia cupcake. In Malaysia we call it “APAM”. It has quite a lot of differences with the usual cupcake. Instead we cook the cupcake in oven, we steam the cupcake in a steam cooker. This Apam also has a more light and spongy texture compare to the usual cupcake. It is just another version of cupcake. 

   It take a quite a lot of effort to decorate and preparing the ingredient. Eventhought i end up, messing the whole kitchen, but it is worth it. This is just my experiment. Next time i will post more picture, with recipe included in it.